Automotive UV Protection: Sunblock Your Car

Automotive UV Protection: Sunblock Your Car

It’s that time of year where we like to get outside and spend some time in the sun. It is also that time of year where we need to ensure our ride is protected from those harmful, paint degrading, plastic fading, UV rays. It makes sense to put something on ourselves to protect from sun damage, so let’s looks at some sunblock for your car and figure out the best solutions for automotive UV protection.

Automotive UV Protection: The Basics

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We’re going to assume that your vehicle is already clean and the paint/trim/interior is in good condition. If not, we’ve got you covered in some other posts.  

Paint Sunblock: UV Protection with Waxes and Sealants 

When it comes to your painted surfaces, there are plenty of choices for UV protection. Not to make life any more confusing, we’re going to break down our top performers when it comes to preventing UV damage to your vehicle’s exterior.


Awesome Gloss- SPF 100 for your vehicle’s exterior and excellent auto UV protection. This polymer-based surface protectant goes on like a wax, but protects like a sealant. You can apply it by hand, or with a machine (think orbital buffer or variable speed polisher). Once applied, you are good to go for a minimum of 12 months (yeah, it’s that good). Its life can be further extended with an application of a quick detailer every couple of weeks.


Banana Magic- For those of you that just enjoy the process of waxing your vehicle every month (or two) then this carnauba cream wax is a great choice. Applies easily with a wax applicator, and buffs out with a microfiber, to leave a quality gloss that will make your vehicle glow in the sun. Bonus, it really smells like bananas and your car will be ready for a day at the beach.


Xtreme Shine- If you want quick, easy, and spotless, then this is a great go-to product. It sprays on like a detailer, but contains a polymer protectant that provides a UV barrier between the surface of your vehicle and those harmful rays. It can also be used on plastic trim, chrome, glass, and interior. Xtreme Shine makes summer car care a breeze.

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Got faded paint? Depending on the level of damage, you can bring it back to life with a compound or polish. Then, treat it with one of the recommended products above.


Trim Treatment: Eliminating UV Damage to Vehicle Plastics

If you have any amount of plastic trim on your vehicle, then you know how easily it can begin to fad after its been blasted with those pesky UV rays. So whether you are trying to avoid fading, or restore an already faded trim piece, we’ve got some solutions for you.


Vinyl Magic works wonders for mild fading, you can easily use it to bring life back to that baked (think sun damage) piece of plastic. Vinyl Magic restores color, and provides a protective coating on the trim piece for several weeks.


Remember Xtreme Shine? Yeah, that stuff rocks. Give your plastic bits a quick spritz and wipe-down, then they’ll be covered with a great UV protectant. This product works as a great preventative, keeping your ride looking new while adding an invisible layer of vehicle sunblock.  


Protecting our Vehicle’s Feet: UV Protection for Tires 

We don’t always give our tires the love they deserve. Yeah, they are dirty by being constantly bombarded with dirt, grit, and road grime, but they deserve a good bath and UV protection just like the rest of your car.


By taking care of your tires, you’ll be extending their life, while staying safe on the road. Just think, there is no need to have a flat because of dry-rot and sun damage . . . we’ve got an easy fix for that.


XP Cool Blue is a great hybrid style dressing. It’s water-based, but works similar to a solvent-based dressing. This combination adds luster and UV protection. Apply as you would any dressing to those rubber feet on your vehicle and they’ll be happy you did. As an added bonus, XP Cool Blue works great for the interior and trim as well.

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So there you have it . . .  a few great products that will not only make your ride look that much sweeter, but also protect it from those harmful UV rays.

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