3D - One 32oz
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What is it? - Combination 2-in-1 product – it is a compound/polish. Cuts like a compound and finishes like a polish. 

Uses 3D’s proprietary alpha ceramic alumina abrasive technology. Alumina Oxide is a conductor of heat. Ceramic is an insulator of heat. By combining to create a hybrid, the ceramic counters the heat issue created from the alumina oxide to reduce and help eliminate heat issues like burn-through from excess surface temperatures.

No filler formula – The results you see are true and accurate – no fillers, hiding or masking.

What does it do? - Removes below surface paint defects like swirls, scratches, water spots and oxidation. Can be used with aggressive pads and powerful tools for removing deep and/or serious paint defects or can be used with soft foam pads and free spinning orbital polishers to finish out for show car results.

When do you use it? - Anytime you want to remove below surface defects that are in your car’s paint and then create a super high gloss finish perfect for sealing with a wax, synthetic paint sealant or a ceramic paint coatings.

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